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About Kohjin-Bio

After the experience of laboratory animal’s rearing management for over 10 years, we have been handling the manufacture and sales of animal blood and sera. At our initial foundation period we have won over a lot of trusts through biotechnology service business, particularly establishing the position as the raw material supply base of the monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.
Recently, we have been working on the development and manufacturing of microbiological media as well as tissue culture media even while industrial infrastructures of biotechnology was expanding, we especially concentrate on making development of the tissue culture media and challenging to a new creation at a vision.

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“KOHJIN”, as written in Kanji letters, means “The organization group of those who always consider”.
Our basic philosophy is as follows:
It is always understood to have worked by the wholeheartedly.
We have developed and released the state-of-the-art products that are necessary to the world.
We are establishing a company filled with a lot of pleasure.
President/CEO : Takahito Nakamura


    KOHJIN Bio and TWOCELLS Announce a License Agreement for “gMSC®1-A,” a Regenerative Cellular Medicine for Articular Chondrogenesis under the Law for the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine
    Kohjin Bio and TWOCELLS will collaboratively provide processing outsourcing services of gMSCR1-A for autologous transplantation to healthcare institutions in accordance with the Japanese Law for the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine.

    Successful development of an immunochromatographic kit for detecting SARS-CoV -2 antigen for the diagnosis of a novel coronavirus infection (COVID -19)
    Commercialization of New Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Kit Kohjin Bio Co., Ltd. (President: Takato Nakamura, Head Office: Sakado-shi, Saitama) has successfully developed an immunochromatographic kit for detecting the SARS-CoV -2 antigen for a novel coronavirus infection (COVID -19) in collaboration with a research group in Microbiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University (Professor: Teruo Kirikae).

    The 16th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
    We, "The 16th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine" NI, please, it's exhibited, so I'll inform the following. Exhibition name:The 16th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine Dates: Mar.7 [Tue] - 9 [Thu], 2017 Venue: Sendai International Center (Aobayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-0856, Japan) kohjin-bio'sbooth:S-19 Introduction of corporation PIRUMU of equipment exhibition and specific cell processing trusting service of a culture medium for regenerative medicine studies and low oxygen work station H35 is exhibited in this exhibition meeting place. By all means, please drop in at everybody who participates to the booth (S-19). The 16th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine Please refer to exhibition information

    News of a tissue culture culture medium product information renewal
    we renewed product information of a tissue culture related culture medium and 3 series of following. A product guide check it for details, please. 1.Culture medium for fat origin stem cells KBM ADSC-1&2 <Product name / Product number / The capacity / Product price > ▪KBM ADSC-1 / 16030020 / 500ml / 26,000JPY ▪KBM ADSC-2 / 16030030 / 500ml / 23,000JPY This product is a culture medium suitable to make them multiply while making maintain undifferentiatedness of a fat origin stem cell. The cell cultivated by this culture medium is confirming the maintenance of undifferentiatedness by a thing which differentiates into fat, a bone and a cartilage and the surface marker. 2.Culture medium for vascular endothelial cell KBM VEC series <Product name / Product number / The capacity / Product price > ▪KBM VEC-1/ 16030100/1Kit /21,000JPY ▪KBM VEC-1 Basal Medium / 16030110 / 500ml / 18,000JPY ▪KBM VEC-1 Supplement / 16030120 / 0.5ml / 9,000JPY ▪KBM VEC-1 FBS / 16030130 / 10ml / 9,000JPY This product is a culture medium suitable for cultivation of vascular endothelial cell. You can use for a study of blood vessel pathology and angiogenetic, development of medical supplies and toxicological test, etc.. 3.Serum-free culture medium…

    Regenerative medicine industrialization exhibition Submitting guide
    This time, we, "the 3rd time Regenerative medicine industrialization exhibition" NI, please, I do participation in the exhibition booth, so I'll inform the following. Exhibition name:3rd International Medical Expo Conference Dates: Feb. 15 [Wed] - 17 [Fri], 2017 Venue: INTEX Osaka kohjin-bio's booth: 3number house-15-001 In our company, the introduction of corporation PIRUMU where they're exhibition of culture media for environment and specific cell processing trusting service for medicine manufacturing manufacturers which are a culture medium for regenerative medicine studies, low oxygen and dislike work station H35 equipment exhibition and En biotechnology company in this exhibition meeting place is exhibited. 3rd International Medical Expo Conference Please refer to exhibition information

    The 28th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology
    Kohjin Bio will be exhibiting a booth at this year’s Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology from Jan20-22.Throughout the exhibition, company rep will be on hand to assist you with any product inquiries or purchases. Exhibition:The 28th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology Period:Jan 20th(Fri)~22th(Sun), 2017 Address:Nagasaki Brick Hall (2-38, Mori Town, Nagasaki-shi 852-8104) Kojin Bio Co., Ltd. Booth: booth No#2 atlounge on 3rd floor During this exhibition we will have exhibits for most of our products, including in vitro diagnostic medicine (KBM influenza Flu AB), Sterilizing supplies (I-Blockgel). We hope to see you all at booth No#2 More details :

    News of the sale of KBM Linecheck Flu AB
    we sold the following product this time, so I'll inform you. KBM Linecheck Flu AB Productname:KBM Linecheck Flu AB Product price:10000JPY(Consumption, without tax) Package ssize:W195xD123xH58(mm) 1box(10test) The use purpose:A and detection of B flu antigen (Nasal cavity wipe liquid, nasal cavity suction liquid, nose involved liquid and pharyngeal wipe liquid) Judgment time:From 1 minute, 8 minutes Method of storage:2℃~30℃ The expiration date:Than a date of production, 12 months

    Announcement of a Business Alliance with Corning in China
    We have formed a business alliance for product supply in China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) with Corning Life Sciences(Wujiang)Co., Ltd. since January, 2015.

    Acquired “The strategic basic technological upgrade support business” at Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry
    Our business plan as following was adopted for the research and development plan for 2010 fiscal year in Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry. Development of quality control system in fermented food manufacturing for microorganism anti-pollution: The hygiene management technology that recovers the hygienic condition by comparing micro Flore of the contaminating microorganism detected from the product and the partly finished product for the microbial contamination in the fermented food manufacturing with micro Flore of the manufacturing process and the raw material, specifying the polluter and the pollutant pathway based on the degree of similarity, and doing the cleaning purification in a short time is established. Moreover, the medium sets and the polluter retrieval data base for the micro Flore analysis that causes the rot of the fermented food intended for the lactic acid bacterium group and the heatproof bacterium group are developed.


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