“Kohjin Bio Co.,Ltd” was established in 1981 as “Kohjin Co.,Ltd”. We are searching day by day how to make the best use of the bio-technology for industry as a business by the concept that the company name of “Kohjin” as an organization group of the person who thinks.
At first, we started the business from manufacturing and sales of the animal blood, the serum, and the medium used for the microorganism test. At that time, we found that a lot of hospital and research laboratories made their own microbiological medium, and animal blood is necessary as the raw material of the medium, then we increased the products to sell such as the rabbit, sheep, and horse ones.
Since then we have been doing the polyclonal and monoclonal antibody trust service based on the know-how that had been cultivated, and the product lineup of the microbiological medium was enhanced, and afterwards, we concentrated especially on the development of the tissue culture medium used to culture the cell. “KBM” series are our brand name and a lot of original products are invented.

Nowadays food safety issue is discussed all over the world and the microbiological medium is used for the food evaluation, and the number tends to increase every year. Moreover, the demand of the microbiological medium is existence on various industrial fields such as the pathogen testing in the clinical field as well as the products testing for medicines and cosmetics etc.
Regarding the tissue culture medium, it is indispensable by various scenes such as the regenerative medicine, the immunotherapy, and the vaccine manufacture etc. It is prospected that it would be increased in trade more and more in the future.
We established Kohjin Japan Medical Biology Technological (Beijing) Co., Ltd as 100% subsidiary company in Beijing China in 2009. We would like to develop the business globally not only China but also other Asian countries, America, and European countries.
We, all staff will contribute to develop bio-technology as under the name of “Kohjin-Bio” with the product development in ‘Customer first policy’ and the product manufacture in ‘Quality first policy’.