D-MEM High Glucose without L-Glutamine

Product Explanation

Dulbecco & Freeman modified Eagle basal medium (BME) in 1959 for the culture of mouse embryo cells. The modified BME is called Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium (D-MEM). D-MEM is characterized by a four-fold increase in amino acids and vitamins compared to the original formulation. D-MEM with 4.5 times higher glucose is also widely used for high-density culture of various cells.

Kohjin Bio manufactures and sells four types of D-MEM. Glucose concentration is divided into two types, 1000 mg/L for normal prescription (low glucose) and 4500 mg/L for increased prescription (high glucose), each of which has the one contains L-glutamine and the other does not.


Product Features

This product is a high-glucose medium with a glucose concentration of 4500 mg/L and does not contain L-glutamine.

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