KBM 550BEL (Culture medium for activated human T cell expansion in a gas-permeable bag)

Product Explanation
This product is KBM 550 packed in a cell culture bag.
The cell culture bag has excellent gas permeability.

This product can be used for the expansion culture of activated T cells cultured in KBM 550.

Addition of serum (plasma) may be omitted during the expansion culture.

This product contains human interleukin-2 (IL-2) in 109 JRU/mL (175 IU/mL).

Product Features
・The bag filling reduces the risk of contamination.
​・This product contains no protein other than human serum albumin, recombinant human insulin and recombinant human interleukin-2.
​・Buffering capacity is enhanced to minimize pH fluctuation.
​・It contains kanamycin sulfate as an antibiotic.
​・The KBM 550BA and KBM 550BEL use Maccell bags made of different materials, but the components of the medium are the same as those of the KBM 550.


– Please inquire and we may be able to manufacture the tissue culture medium apart from the standard products.

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