“I-Block” Series

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The I-Block Tablet Spray Set consists of 0.5 g chlorine dioxide tablets and a dedicated spray bottle. Place 300 ml of tap water in the spray bottle and dissolve 1 tablet to produce a solution of approximately 80 ppm or 100 ppm chlorine dioxide. By spraying directly, it demonstrates stronger deodorizing and sterilization effect.
Electricity-free Air Cleaner
Ideal for office desktops, door knobs, lockers, shoe cupboards, the back of trash cans, cars, refrigerators, restrooms and small spaces.
Sterilizes bacteria with the sterilization and deodorization effect of chlorine dioxide.
This is an extra powder package available separately from the I-Block Gel Set.
Vomiting and waste are gelated with an absorbent, and at the same time virus and bacteria are sterilized and deodorized. All products related to waste disposal were packed.