Reasons to choose Kohjin-Bio

(1)Good at custom-designed products

Based on our experience in the manufacturing of various tissue and microbial culture media, we are able to respond to a wide range of needs. We have prepared various media against various cells and bacteria, so please contact our company if you would like to have a customized product. We have many years of experience so that we are able to offer the optimal culture media to meet the needs of our customers.

(2)Has a rich track record

Kohjin Bio has 20 years of experience for manutacturing culture media. We have achieved a stable supply of high-quality products by having improved our technical capabilities through joint development with research institutes and companies. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering customization. We use our extensive experience to provide you with the most advanced products you need today.

Permits and Approvals
Acquired ISO13485
Acquired ISO9001
Acquired Manufacturing permission for in-Vitro Diagnostic Medicine
Acquired Manufacturing permission for Poisonous and deleterious substances-manufacturing
Acquired Cosmetics-manufacturing permission
Acquired Cosmetics-manufacturing and sales permission
Acquired Medical equipment manufacturing permission
Acquired the third-class medical equipment manufacturing permission
Acquired Medical equipment repairing permission

(3)Culture medium manufacturing plant in compliance with GMP

In May 2013, our culture medium manufacturing plant that complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) started operation.
Currently, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers are required to manufacture products in accordance with GMP, and the media used therein are also strongly required to comply with the same safety and quality standard.
In addition to our skilled and experienced technique in this area we are providing optimal medium to our customers under the advanced quality control and safety assurance system in the plant.

A process of manufacturing tissue culture media

A process of manufacturing tissue culture media

Pyrogen-free water production and supply equipment

A process of manufacturing microbial media

A process of manufacturing microbial media

ISO Class 7(NASA standard class 10,000)
Temperature Control:22℃±2℃
Humidity Contorl:45%±10%
Ventilation Frequecy:30+α/h

(4)Strictly Managed CPC Monitoring System

  1. Entry /Exit Control System
    -Entry and exit are restricted and registered in CPC and Clean room area.
  2. Environmental Monitoring System
    -24 hours monitoring of temperature control system in Sterility room.
    -Alarm will issue a warning when it detects an abnormality.
  3. Manurfaction Control System
    -Prevention of mix-up of samples and reagents: Identification by barcode
    -Process deviation management: A mechanism that does not proceed until the previous process is completed
    -Creation of accurate manufacturing record: Person in charge of managing each process, record of start time and end time, a series of records from sample shipment to arrival of infusion