KBM 551 (Culture medium for human T cell activation and expansion)

Product Explanation
This product is a medium suitable for both activated and expanded culture of human peripheral blood T cells stimulated with solid phase anti-CD3 antibody.

Add 5 to 10% serum (plasma) at the start of activation culture.
Addition of serum (plasma) may be omitted during the expansion culture.

It does not contain human interleukin-2 (IL-2), and the addition is required at the time of use.
KBM 550, which contains IL-2, is also available.
You can choose either according to your purpose.

Product Features
​・This product contains no protein other than human serum albumin and recombinant human insulin.
​・Buffering capacity is enhanced to minimize pH fluctuation.
​・It contains kanamycin sulfate as an antibiotic.